Palliative Care

Relief of pain, stress and discomfort
Palliative care is a special branch of medicine for the relief of pain, stress and discomfort in the seriously ill. It is very broad in scope. The discomfort can be physical. The pain can be emotional. Or the stress can be spiritual.

Support for patients and families
Massage, medication, education, counseling. These are all tools in the palliative toolkit. Family members can also benefit from education about managing symptoms and counseling regarding their own needs and feelings.

Living life to its fullest
The goal of palliative care is to improve quality of life so the seriously ill and their families can spend their time and energy focused on the activities they love.

Palliative care is appropriate for all ages and all stages of a serious illness.

Continue with curative care
You do not have to give up the quest for a cure. You can continue curative care while enrolled in a palliative care program.

Help with treatment decisions
Think of palliative care as an extra layer of support where the team offers information and guidance for complex medical decisions. The palliative care team will work with your family to create a plan of care based on your relative’s personal goals.

If you think your family would benefit from palliative care, ask your doctor to write a prescription. Or give us a call at 602-795-2357 to learn more.

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Home visits

Home is where your loved one lives
No matter where your loved one lives, members of our staff can come to the bedside. At an assisted living or nursing home facility. At your relative’s house or apartment.

Nurse visits
A nurse will visit periodically to check on your loved one’s condition. The nurse can answer questions. He or she can recommend changes in medication. As your case manager, the nurse can also order equipment or supplies.

Other professionals
There are other members of our team who may come to the home:

  • a social worker
  • a spiritual care counselor

These professionals offer important advice and support to patients. They also are available to help family and friends who are providing day-to-day care.

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Management of difficult symptoms

Our staff at Solace Palliative Care are trained to relieve pain and discomfort. The definition of “pain” is very broad in palliative care. It includes physical, emotional, and spiritual distress. As a result, our team is holistic in its approach.

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Emotional and spiritual support

Serious illness brings up many difficult questions and feelings. As we face the possibility of dying, we all have fears, worries, and concerns. At Solace Palliative Care, our staff has received special training to help people address these issues. We even have social workers and chaplains on staff. They can meet with you, your loved one, or even with the entire family. Their goal is to help everyone come to a better understanding of how to meet each other’s needs with grace and love.

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Patient and family caregiver education

With all the rush and commotion in the doctor’s office, it’s not always easy to remember everything you’ve been told—or even what you wanted to ask! Our nurses are available to answer your questions. In the comfort of your home, our staff can explain the disease and the medical issues that surround it. They understand the day-to-day impact of living with your loved one’s condition: the symptoms, the side effects of treatment, the likely progression of the illness. We’re there to help in any way we can. Even in the context of an incurable condition, just knowing what to expect helps many patients and families relax and feel less anxious about the process.

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Coordination of multiple services

Pharmacies, doctors, physical therapists, equipment suppliers … it can be mind boggling! Palliative care involves coordinating these many services. You do not need to worry about paperwork, arranging physician orders, etc. You are freed to concentrate your attention on your loved one’s daily needs.

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Help for family caregivers

At Solace Palliative Care, family members are part of the caregiving team. You are also the recipient of our care. We know that your loved one would not be as comfortable if it were not for you. You make a valuable contribution. You also are undergoing a very stressful and difficult time.

Supporting the family
Our goal is to support you emotionally and physically so your health remains strong. We suggest treatments for your loved one based on what he or she needs. We also consider the needs and capabilities of family members. Our social workers and spiritual care counselors are available to help you. They understand the powerful issues that arise when a loved one is seriously ill.

If you think your family might benefit from the support of our palliative team, please give us a call at 602-795-2357. We would be honored to serve you.

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