Our Team

At Solace Palliative Care we make it a point to hire individuals who not only meet high professional standards, but who are also gentle and compassionate. They all have special training for working with the seriously ill and understand that our care extends beyond the client to his or her family members as well.

Caring for the seriously ill involves more than just the physical aspect. We recognize that this is a time of deep emotional and spiritual significance for everyone involved. Therefore, we work as a team, with a medical staff, social workers, and spiritual care counselor. Everyone contributes their expertise so we can deliver a plan of care that is responsive to the needs of each individual and their family.

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Our Medical Director

Our patients remain under the care of their primary physician and any specialists they have been seeing. In addition, they have the benefit of our medical director who has special training in the relief of pain and other distressing symptoms.

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Our Nurses

Our patients receive periodic visits from a nurse. Our nurses learn about your concerns and are quick to respond to questions and symptoms. We return all calls the next business day.

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Our Social Worker

Assistance with health care planning
What does quality of life mean to you? What gives you joy? What makes life worth living? These are some of the questions we help you answer so your family and health care team understand how they can make your life better. What’s important to you. Relatedly, it’s important to identify what treatments you want and what treatments you don’t want. When is the quality of life simply more painful than allowing a natural death? There’s no right or wrong answer. But this is a critical conversation and one our social worker can help you have with your family, and then document in an advance directive.

Emotional support
In addition, our social workers have training to help you, your loved one, or other family members cope with difficult emotional issues that often come up in the context of serious illness.

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Our Spiritual Support Staff

Many people experience a crisis of faith during the course of a serious illness. Even family members find themselves facing tough ethical and spiritual questions. Our chaplain is especially skilled at helping people look within and find their own answers.

Spiritual not religious
Spiritual care counselors do not push any one religion. They simply have experience helping people find their own sense of meaning and purpose in a situation that may bring up strong feelings and challenge deeply held beliefs.

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